As a 10 year old, I was sure I wanted to be a journalist. I wasn’t sure then what it meant, except that it involved writing. A few years later, I decided to specialise in television production and broadcast journalism. After over a decade of working in television production, I discovered that I was painfully camera shy and a career in news anchoring was not for me. I also discovered that my nose for news was sharp, but only for the few rather random topics that interested me and so I couldn’t make a fulfilling career out of only back of the book stories. I had neither the drive nor the desire to hone my directorial skills so a career in film was not for me. I realised that what I loved most about television was scriptwriting. Something the 10 year old me would have told me ages ago, if only I’d listened.

For a person who loves writing, I have taken an awfully long time to start my own blog. I’d like to blame my naughty but adorable kids for the lack of time, but I know the real reason is that I haven’t even tried. Well, I’m doing that now.

So here are my random musings or rather rantings…