Big shoes to fill

My son is currently walking around in my shoes. I’m surprised that he is able to balance himself. I am the legendary Big Foot and my son is just a little bit longer than my shoes themselves.


He is 20 months old and I know that once we get back from our annual holiday, it will be time to start hunting for a kindergarten for him. I have already applied in three schools, which accept applications from birth. I’m one of the more relaxed HK mums. Most have filled in at least a dozen application forms right after conception and post them while they are recovering in the post-delivery ward. OK, I exaggerate. But you get the idea.

While I’m struggling to get back to work, I’ve taken up a part-time teaching assignment. I’m teaching creative coding to kids as young as five, teaching them to create simple animations on the iPad. Kids even younger learn how to animate popular nursery rhymes, the five year olds animate simple one line jokes. The problem is that the kids don’t follow the jokes and just aren’t interested in learning how to code. They have been allowed access to the iPad for an hour and they shake with excitement like junkies who’ve spotted their forbidden fix. Coding is going to be the language of the future, there is no doubt about that. But I wonder if there is really any need to give these young kids more screen time than they already have. But I suppose there’s a race on even to push kids into the rat race sooner and faster than anyone else.

I do worry about the expectations we heap on our children subconsciously. And then, I look at my little boy, walking around in oversized shoes. Maybe that’s why he’s already practising – because he knows he has big shoes to fill.

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